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Uniflex -

A full cycle flexoprinting house, the leader of the Belarusian flexoprinting market and one of the largest printing companies in the CIS.

Powerful modern equipment, qualified personnel, ready to find solutions for the most complex tasks, a quality management system that meets the requirements of the internetional standart ISO 9001:2008 — doing business with us simple and effective.

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International recognition of JV Uniflex innovation techniques - a victory in London

We are glad to inform you that on 17 Oct 2013 at the Hilton London Metropole JV Uniflex became a proud winner of the printing Oscar - FlexoTech International Print&Innovations Award 2013 in the nomination "Flexo job previously printed by another process" which globally testifies our achievements in the field of flexoprint.

The judges were made up of an international panel, together with an independent chairman, who assessed each entry submitted. We received the reward for our packaging Moskovskiy Kartofel, produced for the company Russkiy Produkt, PLC, which used to be printed by means of gravure printing. Our capabilities in flexo print were officially recognized to have exceeded the quality of rotogravure printing.

We congratulate all of our employees ! Thank you so much for your work, for your contribution to the common cause! We say thank you to our partner Russian Product for their trust and fruitful cooperation!
But that's not the half of it! It's the first time the Uniflex company has been internationally recognized as the best packaging producer. We have picked up the FlexoTech 2013 Supreme Award.

During the awarding ceremony the jury noted the following:
This category shows how the old limitations of flexo have been confined to history. The process now offers all that brand owners could want and this Supreme Winner takes flexo print quality significantly beyond that of gravure. A truly deserving winner!
(Based on the official FlexoTechelectronic source http://www.paperandprint.com/flexotech/news/flexo-2013/october-2013/18-10-13-awards.aspx)
This is an internationally recognized breakthrough not only for an individual company but for the whole flexographic industry. We are proud of having made this tremendous step forward.
With confidence in our future victories
Uniflex` team

Main principles.

Main "Uniflex" principles in the production process are the rational use of natural resources, waste reduction and recycling, as well as the environmental safety of products and processes. That is why the company has adopted an environmental policy that reflects the principles and commitments in the field of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources, being observed for more than 17 years by "Uniflex". The present environmental policy is a priority and enhanced to each employee of the company. Being a socially responsible company, "Uniflex" always supports its clients and partners in environmental protection.
Sincerely, Uniflex

"PART Awards 2013"

19th of June, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, at the official reception of the exhibition RosUpack 2013, there was "PART Awards 2013", where JV "Uniflex" Ltd, was awarded the "Producer of the Year"!

PART Awards (Packaging: Art, Research, Technology) - the first open Eurasian award in design and production of packaging and the only professional event in Russia, giving full and comprehensive understanding of the industry, its best players, and the most striking trends. An outstanding feature of expert approach of PART Awards is in the interaction of several jury teams, which allows to evaluate the work in each category, taking into account its specific criteria. PART Awards received more than 70 models from 40 packaging manufacturers. Professional jury selected the winners in the nominations of the competition. To participate in competition the packaging for the product Har Gow Azio was provided, made for our partner JV "Santa BremorВ» Ltd.

The customer has required to produce a packaging with flexographic printing, however the layout had originally been designed for rotogravure printing. As a result for this project, we used a combination of tehnologies: HD flexo with resolution of 174 lpi + Multicolor, which provided the quality and beauty of the gravure printing and accurately transmitted the details of the image, colors and shadows. Uniflex`s victory was logical thanks to the high quality printing and latest technologies, successfully introduced by "Uniflex". Therefore the packaging is incredibly colorful and very attractive to the consumer. We congratulate team of "Uniflex" and our partner JV "Santa BremorВ» with the honoured success and victory!
Sincerely, Uniflex

Full HD Flexo 149 lpi is a new standard of Uniflex!

We are pleased to inform you that Uniflex introduced the newest quality standard in flexo technology. Actively cooperating with international designers, as well as with our partners - Esko Graphics, we have taken another step forward. That's why now HD flexo to us is a history, and it's time for a new, more advanced technology - Full HD Flexo. With the technology of Full HD Flexo printing has increased the minimum screening up to 149 lpi, and each new layout will be implemented by this technology. Without a doubt, this is our competitive advantage, as such a high screening it is not a singular case for us, it`s a new standard for stable quality and beautiful flexoprinting on industrial scale. Thus, no longer in our printing house, we use screening below 149 lpi. By using a combination of Full HD Flexo + Multicolor technologies we raise the standards of quality and beauty o f printing to a new level. This is the next stage of development and is now the starting point for our printing house is 149 lpi and higher!

How do we achieve the stability of such a high-quality printing? Thanks to close cooperation with a global supplier of integrated solutions for prepress Esko Graphics, printing technology with the use of the flat-top dot was obtained. Such dot can transmit ink to the packaging more stable without the "dot gain", as a result the image is more detailed, and in combination with Multicolor technology also incredibly colorful.

When printing with screening within 150 lines per inch Full HD Flexo allows to convert gravure work into flexo. This way we can obtain a well detailed picture, contrast, smooth transition of color to zero and smooth vignettes.

While for some printinghouse 149 lpi is an achievement, for Uniflex it`s a standard! All this is possible thanks to the cutting-edge equipment with Inline UV2 digital UV exposure and advanced screening technologies to produce sharper and more accurate imaging, and of cause high professionalism of the technical staff of Uniflex. We are working your product to be successful, raising the standards of flexible packaging, introducing innovative technology, we do not stop we go further, extending the boundaries of the possible.
Sincerely, Uniflex

EFIA recognition

Printing house "Uniflex" got recognition by the European Flexographic Industry Association having been awarded a silver medal in the contest В«EFIA 2013 Print AwardsВ» in the category В«USE OF FLEXO IN A COMBINATION PRINTВ» for self-adhesive labels for cognac "Emperor" (Client: JSC "Orel winery", Russia )

Uniflex`s first participation in the competition held by EFIA, and this award is a great result for our team. We are grateful to customers for the challenging ideas. The implementation of client requests stimulate the improvement of printing technology, high levels of which are appreciated by the international community of professionals.
Sincerely, Uniflex


"Velken" - is a company with over 12 years’ experience in the market, whose products are presented in more than 30 major cities of the Russian Federation, and it occupies 80% market share of the Altai region. At the beginning of 2013, our partner rebranded its products. The object was to change the brand of sunflower seeds "Zoom Zoom": visual image was changed as well as the packaging shape. "Uniflex" also took an active part in the implementation of the planned concept. Thanks to careful pre-press and excellent print quality, packaging turned to be out exactly as the creative agency conceived.

We are pleased with a mutually advantageous cooldown. Assistance and joint development with partners – one of the main priorities in our work with clients.
Sincerely, Uniflex

JV "Uniflex" Ltd. has confirmed the certification in accordance with HACCP.

March 7, 2013 JV "Uniflex" Ltd. has successfully passed the audit conducted annually by the representatives of British Retail Consortium - an independent certification body SAI Global / EFSIS. According to the results JV "Uniflex" Ltd. was assigned a certificate of the highest category "A", which confirms the high level of organization production processes in the company. Therefore it ensures that products produced under conditions which meet the hygiene requirements, and therefore satisfy customers' expectations for product`s safety and quality. BRC IoP Standard (last 4 edition) is based on the following key components - product risk assessment and the manufacturing process, senior management commitment, and a systematic control of the management of product`s quality and safety. An integrated approach to quality management system and hygiene standards can guarantee the customers of JV "Uniflex" LLC conformity with the quality, safety and legality of the product. BRC IoP Standard Successfully implemented and observed by our company corresponded to the objectives of JV "Uniflex" LLC, which are in constant development of work processes. Management team would like to thank the Group of HACCP and all parties involved for their responsible approach and to ensure constant compliance with high standards of Quality Management System and Food Safety (BRC / IoP / HACCP).

Sincerely, CEO Valentin Buikevich

International competition "The Best Product - 2013"

As part of the exhibition in Moscow "ProdExpo 2013" an international competition "The Best Product - 2013" was held. The packaging of seeds for TM "Stanichnie baiki" produced by "Uniflex" for its partner "Agrosoyuz" was awarded a gold medal in the "Best Packaging 2013" category!

In this packaging MFX technology was used. This technology allows to get a flatter image on the packaging and to create a realistic effect of the metal surface. Therefore the packaging of the "Cossack stories" seeds was so expressive. The doy-pack with a zip fastener for seeds is practical and easy to use, moreover it preserves the quality of seeds.

We are pleased to participate in the success of our partner! We declare with confidence that in the future we are ready to work on joint projects, creating excellent packaging for the products of our customers. We congratulate the company "Agrosoyuz" with on their victory, the ten-year anniversary, and thank for cooperation!
Sincerely, Uniflex

Flexography printing house Uniflex became a member of European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA).

Uniflex is the first Flexography printing house in Eastern and Central Europe, that became a member of European Flexographic Industry Association The development and improvement of Uniflex - are natural processes for us. We have always stated that the distinguishing feature of our company is in constant innovation and following the latest trends in the packaging industry. Uniflex was the first flexography printing house in Eastern and Central Europe to become a member of European Flexographic Industry Association, headquartered in London. EFIA is one of the oldest flexographic association in Europe founded in 1972. It consists of more than 100 European manufacturers, a unique program of training and exchange of experience, seminars, conferences and competitions.

Sincerely, Uniflex
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